Nebraska Transport Company Tracking Online

Nebraska Transport Corporation had a humble beginning in the year 1973 with the firm resolution that it would stay on friendliest terms with its customers despite the steep competition from market. It is unbelievable yet true that it had only truck right at the inception but firm determination and hard work helped it in overcoming all the odds and make it the top bracketed company in transportation. The uniqueness in its work is easily noticeable when you find its extremely caring nature towards its employees. Through best initiatives implemented in human resource development (HRD), it has ensured that the employees give their best attention to the customers for larger benefits in business.

Nebraska Trasnport Company

Let’s have glances at NTC’s core values and know how it has based itself on these principles right from beginning. The values have helped it to make its services the best in the world.

Genuine customer service-the top priority   Right from the days of inception, dedication towards customer service has stayed its top priority. It gives best dealings through modest, nice, and professional way to keep the customers satisfied.

Integrity in service – Honesty in dealings is the top-most principle, which it has forever kept right from the beginning. In the same way, it values integrity from its employees and rewards the ones, who have kept loyal and honest in their work to the company.

Focus on long-term profitability – However the company has always stayed away from making immediate profits through short-term objectives. It has always stressed upon the valuable objectives, which help in reaping long term profitability.  The company has always considered with compassion the initiatives taken by its employees to add to the financial growth and strength of it.

Safe work environment – Nebraska transport has always laid stress upon safe work environment and it has given training and motivation to its staff to achieve this end. Due to this factor, its employees’ moral has stayed best.

Serving through departments – It has disintegrated its operations by creating more departments. You could log on to and click on “departments”, which render various services to its clients. You could get the solutions for your queries by clicking on the relevant link and knowing about the services in detail.

Dedicated customer Care Number  You could call up 308-635-1214 to get answers to your queries about the services.

You could use the toll-free number 800-347-6331 to contact its “customer care” and get solutions for your needs in transportation.

You could send a fax to 308-635-3476 to get a reply about the services that you urgently need.


Nebraska Transport Tracking System

For tracking your status of your consignment, you can follow below tool. Here you can track with the help your “PRO Number”. It would get instant status of your consignment in transit.