MSKU Container Tracking Online and Customer Care

Maresk (MSKU) is one of the leading service providers of containers in the world given tracking option online. It is a company, which has always stayed focused on the needs of the customers. It has acquired this standing due to its mighty heritage for the principled, caring, and pioneering role it has played towards its clients. For this reason, it is now world’s most trustworthy container service provider with a background of 110 years of meritorious service. As an ocean transport service provider, it has successfully transported millions of tons of goods and commodities to almost every nation across the world.

MSKU company


Let’s have glances at the services for transportation, which it has always achieved through its commitment to bring results to the customers by conducting successful interaction with its customers. It has always stayed focused on the present and future needs of industries. Due to this, the customers have always got dependable and result-oriented solutions through products and services.

Its services come are available through the containers for the following types of Cargoes;

Container service for “Dry Cargo”

It transports food-grain, iron-ore, steel, and dry goods through dry cargo containers. Providing specialist’s services in carrying goods in loose form, it always makes sure that its client would not lose anything during the transit.

Container service for “Reefer Cargo”

When it comes to carrying fragile and delicate goods, no one could break the record of service by Maresk. Be it vegetable, fish, fruit, or simply protein, this service provider engages refrigerated, temperature controlled containers to carry those safely to their destinations.

Container Service for “Special Cargo”

When its clients express their intention to send “oversized cargoes” like car or any other product with an odd and extra size through its service, it has special container service for such clients. Such containers are high-powered with ability to carry odd and over-sized products.

Dedicated MSKU’s Customer Care

When anyone makes a booking for its service, this company keeps the first target that it gives quickest response through the following steps;

  1. Fast services for invoicing
  2. Fast confirmation of booking
  3. Fast answering of customers’ queries within 30 seconds
  4. Fast service for preparation of all documents
  5. Fast intimation to its clients about arrival of goods
  6. Fast resolution of invoice related issues

How to contact its Customer Care?

Maresk has its office in Mumbai and at other important strategic places in India. The client might come from any part in India but he would have an office with full-fledged customer care in its nearest place. The details of its offices and customer care are available on to help everyone with their queries. The client would always find best response with most excellent solutions from this giant in ocean container service.

How to check MSKU container tracking?

Its easy, for visitors we developed below tool that allow to check the status of MSKU container at one click.

Jus give the container number in the box and click on “track container” on the right side of the page. It would give instant updates about the status of your cargo in transit.