Hamburg Sud Container Tracking

Way back in 1871, the great container company Hamburg Sud was formed. It has grown to an outstanding size and now ranks as the one amongst the ‘best 20’ container service providers in the world. It is now one of the major service providers in the North-South trades.

The Hamburg Sud Shipping Company


Hamburg Sud is a prestigious member of Oetkar group and it enjoys unbeatable reputation for giving tailor-made solutions for the needs of its customers. The services range from wide-ranging logistics solutions that include planning as well as execution of different kinds of difficult solutions. The company has the specialization of giving services at the door-steps of its clients without confining itself just to the ports.

Highlights of its other services

The areas of service extend in many specialties, which go as follows;

Service of Liner shipping– Liner shipping forms as one of the major activities in its range of services and the clients get this service from the company through a wide network of 300 branches across the globe.

Hamburg Sud is the recipient of several awards for its outstanding services in this field of container business.

E-commerce solution– You can log on to this URL and know about the multiple services that this company gives as e-commerce solutions.

Other products and services– You can to the above mentioned link and go through other such services like unique transport solutions, consulting, and claims besides the available e-commerce services.

Reefer service– It has the outstanding services in giving you reefer services with the help of its containers. The specialized ‘cooling’ solutions to carry delicate products are unique in every aspect. The goods remain safe for days without any contamination till those get delivered at the door-steps of the clients.

Specialized container services

Reefer services are just a particular example about its specialized container services to carry delicate goods. Besides this, Hamburg has also arrangement for special containers for oversized and special goods, which need services for special carriage. Hamburg also provides services for giving transportation of highly inflammable goods through special containers. Its services as a container provider are full-fledged and those are almost from A-Z.

Online Tracking
Just type In order to track your Hamburg Sud container, just enter your tracking code and click on Track Container. A new pop up window will open where you can see the status.