TGHU Container Tracking

The TGHU prefix is used by the company Textainer Equipment Management. They are one of the market leaders in the world of container leasing industry. Launched in 1979, they are the main suppliers to the U.S. Military.

They rank number one in terms of volume as marine container lessor and in the forefront of second hand container sale in the world.

TGHU - The Textainer Group Holdings Limited


Their services mainly are in the field of container leasing.  They also used to buy second hand containers, make it in better working condition and sell them to shipping lines around the world. They have become market leaders in their field of work by providing their customers with superior quality products at highly competitive prices, making them available at the right time and place with minimal repair expenses.


Textainer operates their global service network through their four regional offices located across the globe. One in Hackensack, New Jersey, for the Americas, one in London for Europe, Middle East, India, Africa and the Mediterranean, another one in Yokohama for Japan, Korea, Taiwan and one more in Singapore for Australia, South East Asia and China. Besides these, they have other offices spread out all over the globe, total 14 in number, to ensure smooth running of their global operations. They also operate more than 400 container depots around the world to facilitate services to their customers.

With a staff strength of 160 and a team of experienced representatives all around the world they manage a container fleet of over 3.0 million TEU which has a present replacement value of more than $6 billion. Their customer base is huge with more than 1100+ container sales customers and over 400+ regular customers who take their containers on lease.  Their customers include almost all the major shipping lines worldwide.

How to track

Their website provides their customer with an array of sophisticated services to enquire on container availability, depot estimate, depreciated value calculation and booking status among other things. For this the customer has to register himself to obtain his login ID and password, which is a fairly straight forward process.

To track the status of booking of one or more container the customer needs to follow below given tool to check the status of TGHU:

Here, you needs to enter the container numbers he wishes to run a check on, up to a maximum of ten containers, and then hit the ‘Track Container’ button.

Customer Support

Alternately, the customer can click on the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the home page on their website to find out the contact details of the Textainer office closest to him and call their number to find out the status of his containers.

The contact details and address of their corporate office is given here for your convenience. It’s in Bermuda at 16 Par-la Ville Road. It is in Hamilton and the building is Century House. The phone number of their corporate office is +1.441.296.2500.