Greyhound Package Express Parcel Tracking

You would find this hard to believe that Greyhound Package Express is more than a century old in parcel service industry. Giving its customers the most flexible service, where the clients ultimately pay less and get benefits. Especially, when it comes to time-critical services, its nation-wide network has the capacity to serve the customers with the best cost-effective alternatives for ground and air deliveries. The services have wide acceptability for the feature of same-day delivery. The services have classifications as “door-to-door”, “counter-to-counter”, “twenty-four hours a day”, “365 days a year”; all such services have come in to existence from the true needs of clients.

Greyhound Parcel Service Company

Key features of services from Greyhound

To know about its sincerity and dedication to serve its customers, let’s know about the range of services that Greyhound offers to its customers.

Standard services

When needs of the clients are not time-critical, Greyhound offers this first in its category of service, called-‘standard service’. Under this, it offers “packages’ under the available space. Such services are available in the categories of ‘door-to-door’, ‘counter-to-counter’ and in other forms. In case of over-sized consignments, it takes additional transit time. To add to the service under this normal category, it offers, ‘pick up’ and ‘drop off’ during the normal hours of business.

Priority services

This is the service available under this exclusive category strictly on time-critical ground. Besides the usual features, this service assures you 100% money-back guarantee. This service offers the guarantee to get delivered on the next available day. It is only available for services within the range of 800 miles.

Direct drive

When it comes to specialized solutions, “greyhound’ has one service, known as ‘direct service’. Such service is only available for deliveries within the radius of 400 miles of ‘pick up’ address. Greyhound could give the estimated time of delivery only after picking up the mail.

Other services

Greyhound offers services, based on true needs of the clients. Such services differ from case-to-case and the clients could take up a discussion with the customer-care about such need-based services.

Greyhound Parcel Customer Care – For service related queries, the clients could mail to  or they could call to 1-800-739-5020. Other than this, almost every help is available online, where the clients could log on to their website and take help of the following services;

  1. They could pay the bill
  2. Obtain a quote.
  3. Find a location.

Greyhound Parcel Tracking

The clients can use ‘tracking’ option provided by Greyhound Parcel company. Click on “track a package’ and track with the help of ‘way bill number’ or ‘reference number’.  The clients could contact its ‘national customer service line’- ‘1800-739-5020’.

The clients could track from the individual accounts too: