Yusen Logistics Company Tracking Online

Yusen Logistics is collaboration between NYK Logistics service Ltd and Yusen air and Sea Service Ltd and both the companies forged this partnership on 1st of October, 2011. The newly created company is now in a position to meet the challenges from the market and give its clients comprehensive solutions in logistics that could assure them economy in the expenditure for transportation and quality in services. As globalization is taking its root all over the world, Yusen is ready with its comprehensive range of supply chain solutions. It has always shown commitment to bring the best of innovative things to make the services more and more professional and efficient. This is the reason, its customer base has always kept on widening and it is now operational at 427 locations in 35 nations.

Yusen Logistics Company

Yusen Logistics Global Services

Freight forwarding and management –  In this category of services, it has the optimum efficacy in handling customs regulations necessary for door-to-door transportation and deliveries across the world. It has the best exposure to criticalities in customs laws as each country has its separate laws regarding customs. Its employees are adept in the custom laws and experts in handling custom matters thoroughly in every country. Yusen has best logistical service in freight handling and forwarding by air, ocean, and land and for this, it has unbeatable reputation in logistical services.

Efficiency in handling contract logistics – As every industry has its separate need for logistics; it has developed comprehensive range of services in handling contracts for logistics from various industries. First, it makes analysis of the needs of a particular client in the industry and then adds different services in distribution, warehousing, cargo handling, and other related services so as to render them extremely effective for the logistical needs of the clients.

Services in travel industry – It is also equally active in travel and tourism industries across the world and render sorts of services like booking of tickets, tour packages, booking of car and bus services, visa assistance, help in foreign exchange and services in travel insurance.

Yusen Logistics Customer Care
It has come up with the best in online customer care. The clients could visit its official webpage and click on “contact us” link at the top to know about its 9 offices across India. The clients could get the telephone numbers and email IDs of its offices with names and officials and they could send enquiries about the services they need from Yusen Logistics Company.

Customer Care Number – 0124-430-5300

Email Address – ylindel@in.yusen-logistics.com

Yusen Logistics Tracking Solution
The clients could log on to its official webpage http://www.in.yusen-logistics.com/ and click on “ICSS tracking system” on the top of the web page and track conveniently with their consignment number or docket numbers.

They could also contact the 9 branches in India through mails or telephone and with their consignment details and get the latest of their status about consignment deliveries.