Fedex Cargo Shipment Tracking

The name of FedEx is most trusted in the world of cargo and courier service industry. As it executes its task with strong commitment, its clients have tremendous reliability on its services. Few know that this giant in courier service has always been at the forefront of technological innovation and avid supporter for global community and charities and to add to all a giant employer.

Let’s know some of the highlights of its stories that make it one of the champions in the service industry with its unique services. Literally, it is such a success story, which does not find repetition in the history of service industry.

Fedex Cargo Company

Glimpses about its services

  1. World-wide services– This is a cargo and courier company with world-wide network. You could log on to and know about its services available in India.
  2. Wide web-based services– You could log on to and on the left side of the web-page, different types of services are available to serve the clientele.
  3. Create a shipment– FEDEX gives you facility of creating a shipment directly through its web-page. You could log on to and click on “create a shipment” on the left side of page. You would get help to open an account in its website as a registered user. You could log on whenever you want and schedule a shipment as you wish.
  4. Get knowledge about rates and time for transit– You could click on the next link to gain access to know the tariff rates and time for transit for shipping of goods.
  5. You could create a schedule– Through the next available link you get access to create a schedule for a “pick up” from your house or office.
  6. View your bills– Next, you could click on “view your bills” and get your bills for making payment.
  7. Know the services for shipping– You could click on the next link to know about the available services for shipping.
  8. Get supplies– You could order supplies with this facility. FedEx could deliver all such goods right at your door-step.

What does the “ship online” facility have in its folds?

FedEx gives you the exclusive services for “online shipping”. You could log on to and click on “ship” and schedule your services as per this.

  1. Prepare your shipment– For shipping, first you need to prepare a shipment. There, you would create all the necessary documents like way- bill, commercial bill, and other related documents.
  2. Pick up your service– You would select a service from the available ones. You could take the one that suits you the most.
  3. Schedule a pick up– Lastly, you could schedule a pick up and FedEx would take it from your house or office.

All these facilities are available online.

Track online

You can track the Fedex Cargo from this URL and track on the webpage by mentioning the consignment numbers.

The Fedex Cargo Tracking System

Log on to your account to track

If you are a registered user, you could log in to your account and track from your account.