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Way back in 1919, Reddaway was founded in Oregon City in United States of America. Although, it started off as a service provider in the Pacific Northwest, it showed tremendous growth to become a leading service provider in the provinces of western United States.  As it majored in ‘next-day’ and ‘two-day’ delivery services, the scientific methods of delivery in them proved their efficacies. Its high-precision time management in deliveries proved its worth as the claim ratios against non-deliveries almost came down to lowest. It has 3000 employees, who work round-the-clock to provide uninterrupted services to the loyal customers throughout the world.

USF Reddaway Company

USF Reddaway Services 

Next day delivery –  With its most advanced applications of cargo and time management methods, usf reddaway has almost mastered the next day delivery service. By focusing on western U.S. and Canada, this service has become a major popular service in these parts of U.S.  Unbelievably, this service has acquired 98% accuracy in on-time delivery.

Regional services –  Apart from the above service, the 2-3 days services in deliveries have also become popular across the states of united States of America. Those have become comprehensive and one-stop regional service provider in all those areas.

Intra-metro and Less-than-truckload service –  Delivering the cargoes to a big local market, it gives greater space to move the cargoes inside the towns of Canada and western U.S.  Moreover, the less-than-truckload services from this service provider are also popular because of reliability and efficiency.

Guaranteed service – Combining precision, speed, and reliability, the guaranteed service could assure the customers of high precision, speed, and reliability.

Expedited services –   When you have urgency because of the need to deliver on-time, the expedited services from Reddaway could become your true solution. As such services are based on your true needs, the Company could expedite the movement of cargoes to reach in the nick of time.

Volume and truckload services –  When it comes to giving truckload services, Reddaway gives its valued services to minimize unnecessary delays in pick-ups.  For more secure movement, it engages 28’ trailer or multiple trailers that could isolate your shipment with an independent use of trailer for safer shipment that could give more peace of mind.

Scientific specialized solutions –  Reddaway could give most scientific and sophisticated solutions that could lead to the specific solution of your needs. Such solutions could serve in areas of 3rd party logistics and your needs for trade associations and government matters.

Customer-care–   With its online customer-care, you could log on to take help in the following areas;

  1. Tracking
  2. Service locations with the help of service maps
  • Assessment of transit times

Tracking-  Log on to the web-page  and track with the help of  your bill of lading and PRO numbers.  You could also track by logging to your registered account and accessing your history of transactions.