Cargolux Cargo Shipment Tracking Online

Find the Cargolux Cargo shipment tracking system online to track and trace your Cargolux cargo shipment with customer care number and email address. Cargolux has always stayed the market leader in the world, when it comes to give quality service in logistics and cargo management. The exceptional thing with its services is it has unique customized solutions for its customers. And the solutions offer its clients flexibility, reliability, and expert handling of cargo.  Operating through a flexible and full-fledged net-work, it has always brought superior services to the door-steps of its customers. Over the years, it has consistently added to its number of air-crafts and it has today the best fleet in the world. Running most trustworthy schedules in air-cargo, it has become the number one global player in the world.

The Cargolux Company

Tracking of Cargolux  Shipment

The customers can track the status of Cargolux Cargo consignments by inputting their air-way bill numbers and clicking on ‘ok’. Tracking is available on the right side of this web-page.

The highlights of its important services

Time sensitive services – Equipped with services from advanced air carriers like Boeing 747 and 747-8, the company has the best fleet to transport goods and commodities of its customers. It is famous for giving top quality and time-sensitive services that just make the cargo reach the destinations in perfect time.

Transportation of sensitive items – Be it live animals, perishable goods, or any other fragile material, Cargolux has the expertise to handle all such delicate things and transport them by air efficiently. It has always kept its staff dedicated and motivated to handle such items with great care without allowing least damage in transit.

Superb third-party management services – It has best and modern two-bay maintenance hanger to give third-party maintenance service in Luxembourg. It has specialized maintenance services in 747, 737,757,767, and 777 air-crafts.

Innovation-at its best – It has always gone for innovation and quality in the services and this is the reason, it has become invincible with its range of services in the market. For this, it has always bagged top honors from the trade magazines.

Linking through network – It has the best network in place that links the most important centers in industrial, automotive, and consumer goods through its hub in Luxembourg.  It has constantly changed its network to adapt to the changing things in industrial trade and market demand.

Large fleet of air-craft freighters – Cargolux presently operates through 11 B474 and 400 freighters and keeps the fleet in top shape without allowing any disturbance in services.

Quality in customer-care – It gives online and round-the-clock services in giving solutions to the needs of the clients. The customers could log on to its home page and know the “7 days schedule in advance” about the services.

  • +1 (281) 443 2494 (USA)
    Email Address –
  • +91 (44) 2256-1334 (India)