Japan Airlines Cargo Tracking (JL) Online

Japan airlines Cargo (JAL) is one of the best cargo carriers in the world. In the year 2004, it merged with Japan airline domestic service to become one of the best international and domestic cargo shipments and travel companies of the globe.  Being the first and foremost in introducing sweeping changes in both its travel and cargo planes’ operations, it has set off unique record performances till now.  It has brought out innovations to help the travelers to sit and travel comfortably in the travel aircrafts and to add to it, it has also added innovations to the cargo air-crafts to ship cargo safely and conveniently to far-off destinations.

Japan Airlines Cargo Company

Japan Airlines Cargo Services & Products

  1. Temperature controlled shipment – When it comes to shipping perishable and delicate goods, Japan airlines has the best temperature- controlled freight aircrafts to carry loads of goods with safety and convenience. The carriers do not allow damage to the goods while those pass in transit. Especially, for carrying delicate pharmaceutical products, it has the best package, namely J. Pharmaceuticals.
  2. Speed – As the main motive behind shifting consignments by air is speed, Japan airlines has in its products’ range J.Speed and J.Express with complete guarantee on speed in delivery of goods.
  3. Protection and care – When the shipment of extremely delicate and fragile things is necessary, Japan airlines Cargo could help in the convenient deliveries of such things under its protection and care. The examples are antiques, human remains, paintings and other such things, which require extreme care while shipping.
  4. Priority service – The airliner does not impose limitations about weight and commodity, while it ships in the booked flights. It fixes priority while it receives the quantity of cargo from its customers on first-come-first-serve basis.
  5. Shipment of dangerous goods – It has the perfect system in place to carry dangerous and inflammable goods. Functioning under the instructions under IATA, it handles and delivers such items under utmost supervision.
  6. Shipment of live animals – Japan airline cargo service could also take care of shipment of animals from one corner to another corner of the world. It has trained professional to oversee the shipment of animals by air.

JL Customer Care Service–  The interested clients could log on to http://www.jal.co.jp/en/jalcargo/inter/jproducts/ and click on the desired product or service profile to get necessary information. The website also offers the privilege of getting the prints of desirable information.  On the web-page, the clients could click on the ‘guide on carriage’ to get all the relevant information about shipment of cargoes.

Japan Airlines Cargo Tracking
The JL (Japan Airlines) given track & trace option to check the status of cargo shipment. You can also track under ‘shipment tracing’  to track with the help of awb number. You can  get the latest status of pending consignments in transit instantly.