ECMU Container Online Tracking

The ECMU is the leading shipping company which is actually the part of CMA-CGM Container. This giant in ocean transportation gives its service in 150 nations around the world. Giving wide range of services in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, India, Middle East, North America, Oceania, and South America, it has its base in Marseille in France. With 18,000 dedicated employees working round-the-clock to make the cargoes reach their destinations in the world, it serves its clients with great efficiency. It has an amazing fleet of vessels, numbering around 430 and the company keeps all those liners in excellent condition. The vessels work ceaselessly to reach 400 ports in the world with cargo and it has always maintained excellent record for its service. It transports around 12 million TEUs of cargo every year to 400 ports throughout the world.

ECMU Shipping Line

ECMU  Highlights of its services

Availing booking online- The Company has enabled A-Z in its services online for its clients. The clients could execute series of steps to register themselves and get access to its improved features of service. The services available online go as follows;

  1. Creation of “booking and shipping” instruction- As the account of the client gets ready he could create instruction from his account to book the services for shipping. The Company has dedicated customer care, which would get in touch with the client with further help.
  2. Suggestions about documents and printing– The Company gives complete guidance about documents as attachments for sending the cargoes and the client could avail the complete list online.

Notice about changes in transportation- From time to time, the Company keeps on sending notifications about various changes in its policies to the registered account of the client. If there are changes in route plans, it informs the client before the vessel starts in its route.

  1. Facility about other online services- A registered client in its website could avail facility of availing access to other online services, which might give him a number of advantages for booking cargo through its services.
  2. Safety at every step– ECMU has implemented full measures for the cargo’s safety. It insures all the goods and commodities booked through its services to protect the cargo from any unforeseen damage or loss in transit.

High quality Customer Care

As its every service is available online, literally its every client stays in direct supervision of its management and every problem and query from the clients get sorted within no time. The clients could log in to its home page and click on the link of “eBusiness” to know about all types of facilities. Those are as follows;

  1. Details about tariff
  2. Complete ideas about schedules
  3. Registration facility for booking
  4. Details about shipping
  5. Complete details about necessary documents

ECMU Container Tracking facility

The client can check the status of ECMU container at one click using below tool. You can also use it to track and trace the ECMU shipping line.

The link of tracking is present in the “drop down” list and the tracking page comes only after clicking on it. On the available tracking page, the client could track with the help of container reference number.