Tarros Container Tracking

Tarros SPA is one of the leading shipping companies in Turkey. Since 1985, it began offering its services with its equipment and containers through another company, named ARKAS.  Both the entities in shipping and container service decided to enter in to a joint venture as there was increasing volumes in trade and commerce in Turkey.

Tarros Shipping Company from Italy

Thus, a new company called Tarros shipping and transport ships containers came into existence through joint venture in January, 2011, offering shipment and transportation services to Mediterranean region and North Africa. The company has at its disposal two modern vessels with containers that ply between important ports in Italy and Istanbul. Tarros shipping has three offices in Istanbul, Bursa, and Mersin.

What it offers in its services?

Availability of schedule of services on web– You could go to its official site and know its schedule of services. Just click on the link to know “Tarros vessels online” positions, which you get to avail immediately. It also gives the details about “containers’ positions”, which are ready for use and immediate possession. In order to reach TARROS LINE website, you could click on the second link. You would get the details of dates and schedules of sailings from the ports.

Information about port-tariff and charges

Log on to here and in this link, you could know about exact tariff and expenses in the ports for transportation to different destinations in the world.

Efficient customer-care

You get almost every help from customer-care online. Just go to the Customer Service and avail the following services online;

Fill up a booking request form online– In the first option, click on the “booking request form” and fill it up online with request for service. You would get information that you need about its service.

Get declaration for IMO– In the next link you could get the declaration for IMO. This declaration, you need to give for transporting dangerous and fragile cargo.

Contact customer-care– Contact customer-care by ringing 0187-5371 (operator in switchboard).

Write an email to customer-care

Click on http://www.tarros.it/tr2/ and fill up the online form with query about your consignment through containers and find their positions.

Make payment as you think suitable– You can get all relevant information about methods of making payment with the help of different currencies. You get facility to pay in different branches of banks by USD, EURO, and YTL.

How does it meet online inquiries for TRACKING?

The track and trace option of Tarros Container is available below. Just insert “container code” in the bracket and click on “Track Container” below . You get instant information about status of your container.

On this tracking page, you could know about the schedule of vessels, position of vessels, and queries about SAILS.