Linex Solutions Courier Tracking, Customer Care Number

The easy way to find Linex Courier tracking online is to use this facility to check the status of your parcel or consignment with customer care number and email address. In the year 1989, Linex courier was brought in to existence. It was the time, when Linehaul Express Ltd-its parent Company-was selected as the General Sales Agent for Cathay Pacific Wholesale Courier. Subsequently, it was also appointed as the general sales agent for Dragon Air and Air China. As of today, it has the highest ranking of being the biggest linehaul networks in the world. As quality has forever stayed its prime concern, different quality airlines chose to become its service partners.  It also has large subsidiaries as well as joint ventures to take care of the needs of the clients at any given time.

Linex Courier Company


Linex Courier  Online Tracking

The company provided ‘tracking’ facility of your consignments. You will have to enter the   awb numbers in order to check the status of Linex Courier:

Linex Courier Services 

Logistics for e-commerce –  As e-commerce is trending now-a-days, Linex has at its disposal a number of services for the e-commerce companies. Most of the giants in e-commerce need service in right time and perfect condition and Linex is the perfect place to meet the demands for the both. It has recently set up e-lite and e-express service that could take care of the specific needs of the clients so far as logistics for e-commerce is concerned.

Services for express deliveries –  As it is the biggest wholesale network in the continent of Asia, Linex has so far stayed the most important player in the global parcel market.  As the one-and-only general sales and service agent for the giant Cathay Pacific cargo courier product since 1989, and for Dragon Air and Air China from 1995 and 2006 respectively, the Company has taken giant initiatives as a courier and cargo forwarder.

Expert in Gateway Logistics –  It has biggest network of its own and agents offices and through it, it could deliver the best services in Gateway Logistics. As of today, it is one of the best players in international logistics. Linex gives fullest range of services of warehousing as well as distribution services. At the international gateways, it could take up any task in warehousing and distribution activities. Be it distribution assortment, cross-docking, perfectly-in-time services, programmed supply and synchronized delivery management, bonded warehousing or bonded or non-bonded trucking, Linex has the whole range of services at its disposal.

Linex Courier Customer Care

You could log on to and take help of the world-wide customer-care phone numbers and make contacts with the offices for getting solutions for any type of query.

Australia Customer Care:  (+61) 28304-4757


India Customer Care:  (+91) 11-4215-0000 /  44-2232-6795