Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Tracking

The Ethiopian Airlines Cargo is the official carrier of the government of Ethiopia given Ethiopian Airlines Cargo tracking solution to track & trace the shipment. In the last six decades, this airline has increasingly accepted technology as its partner-in-progress. Over the years, Ethiopian Airline Cargo has gone on war scale to expand its network and has formed a formidable chain to connect people all over the world.  Now-a-days, Ethiopian Cargo, with its broad network, is present around 20 destinations in Africa. Sharing a ride with technology, the airline has turned into Africa’s one of the major carrier as Ethiopia is the major business hub in Africa. Besides Africa, it serves 81 international destinations in the world.

The Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Company

Ethiopian Airlines Services in world

Dedicated freighter fleet- Ethiopian cargo service extends services for transportation of horticultural export and other related products to middle-east and gulf regions. It does it with the help of transporter flights 777, MD11, and 757F cargo fleet.

Extensive warehousing in Africa – It has established warehouses all over Africa and keeps all the perishable items in storage to keep them safe for the long period. It has also constructed a perishable cargo terminal to store the perishable items, which is going to start in the near future.

Specialization in handling horticulture products – Its freighter planes has the specialty to handle carriage of horticulture products. It assures its customers to deliver the horticulture products in completely fresh condition.

Shipment of valuable cargoes – It offers reliable services in sending valuable cargoes like gold, silver, and other precious metals. For this, it assures complete safety and confidentiality to its clients.

Carriage of live animals – It also gives the valuable service of transporting live animals. It has trained experts, who handle animals with utmost care during transportation.

Shifting of human remains  – When relatives of a client expire, Ethiopian Cargo has the expertise to shift dead bodies from one corner to another corner in Africa.

Transportation of dangerous cargo – Working under the IATA guidelines, Ethiopian Cargo gives the service for the transportation of inflammable and dangerous cargoes. For this, it goes by highest safety standards and imposes every safety measure during transportation.

Mail and courier handling –  It also gives service for delivering mail and courier items. Be it document, parcel, or confidential dossier, it could deliver with great care.

Customer-care– You could log on to its customer care page and select the places in Africa and other parts of the world to get the desirable service. The customer care representatives would guide you for this.

Ethiopian Airlines Cargo Tracking
If you have sent any cargo using the Ethiopian Air then you can use below given tool track & trace with the help of ‘awb numbers’. It would give you the latest status of your consignments, which are pending in transit.