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The quality in Dayton Freight services is explicit in the maxim in its functioning as it says ‘delivering value today…driving the standard for tomorrow’. Its services have forever carried the excellent feature of being punctual both in making pick-ups and deliveries. To add to it, it gives the most delicate handling to the cargo until it reaches the destinations. Apart from integrating values in its services, it also gives intensive training to its employees and believes by doing so, it could add to the standards of its entire range of services. Founded in 1981 in Dayton of Ohio, Dayton freight service has come a long way through commitment and dedication to its services.

DayTon Freight Company

Dayton Freight Services details

IT integration – It has applied information technology in its services to make the processing of work smooth and faster to the best extent possible. It has armed its tracking facilities with tools that could make the services reach at the doorsteps of the clients at the fastest speed. The tools engaged help in availing the transit data and electronic data available to its clients as easily as possible.

Special customized solutions – It gives many special solutions with excellent customer care. For instance, it has engaged the service of deck trailer permanently with its fleet of trailers and such facility prevents damage to customers’ freight. In addition to this, it has also engaged lift gates to help the needs of customers for deliveries. Lift gates and straight gates also help in making deliveries at the residences of the clients. As parts of its special services, it also has services available with double guarantees for damage free deliveries with inland transportation insurance. Its intermodal, rail, and ocean services have excellent features to serve the interests of the clients.

Truckload services – As technology has always stayed part and parcel of its endeavors, it has forever striven to make its truckload services only the best in the industry.

Best logistical support – Its range of logistics is always flexible, innovative, and responsive. The logistics are always time-bound and reach the doorsteps of the clients earlier than they expect.

Warehousing – It has large warehouses to store the consignments from its clients and installed all the scientific devices that would not allow damage to the stored goods.

Customer Care   Dayton allows its customers to create their own accounts in its website and log in as and when they want to know the status of the requests for services and tracking.

Dayton Freight Tracking
To track the status of the pending consignments, its customers could log in to their registered accounts and track the status of their consignments pending for deliveries.

The clients could can follow below tool to track and trace the Dayton Freight online, click on ‘tracking’ to track by dates and number and view all the pending shipments.