Vanguard Logistics

It has almost remained the missionary zeal with Vanguard logistics to be the top-most supplier of warehousing, distribution services provider for the inland areas, and cross-dock services in the world. It has sharpened its focus with the following approach to the industry.

Vanguard Logistics  Shipping Company

  1. It has tried to bring into existence the best value-based services to serve the logistical needs of its clients without deviating from the quality aspect in the service.
  2. While it is the time to serve, it has acted with honesty and neutrality, which are completely in the interests of its clientele.
  3. It has stayed focused on the development of state-of-the-art services systems and methods in order to give world-class services to its clientele.
  4. It has always observed its performance to make them better for the needs of its customers.
  5. It has provided continuous motivation to its employees to make them disciplined for the world-class service.

Advantages of Vanguard container services

i) If you have made up your decision to send something to the USA, Europe, Australia, or South America, Vanguard logistics services can give you the best services by assured neutrality in Container freight station services.

ii)   It can serve you excellently through state-of-the-art inventory and purchase order management.

iii)   It has integrated the best e-commerce solutions for holistic and internet enabled inventory control systems. With this, it has also made available sophisticated tracking system.

iv)  It has devised full-fledged intermodal distribution system for inland operations.

How to track Vanguard Logistics  Container?

Go to this URL and click on ‘tracking’ available on the left side of the web-page.




You can give your ‘house bill number’ and click on ‘search’ below to know the position of your booking.