IAL Container Line

IAL India Ltd was established in the year 1998 and right from the beginning, the company had focused on the multi-modal transportation and supply chain services throughout the world. Being the general agent of IAL Container Line (U.K) Ltd which was established in 1992, it laid importance on two key areas of business. Firstly, it had started in-country logistics to serve to the warehousing and distribution needs of clients in India. Secondly, it also began providing services in international logistics helping the causes of company, who seek the services of supply chain services by air, sea and land. It has always kept the aim to be the number-1 in giving logistics and supply chain solutions throughout the world.

The IAL Container Line Ltd Company

Main services by IAL Container service

  1. It offers specialized services in Liner shipping services.
  2. It offers expert services in supply chain management solutions.
  3. It has complete range of international logistics services. The services include forwarding services of global freight, warehousing and distribution, and value addition services.
  4. It also gives special services in providing solutions for custom clearance.
  5. It can also give services for project logistics.
  6. It can also give services for exhibition and logistics services.
  7. It can also give services for logistics for fine art.
  8. It can also help in container conversion.

Highlights of its infrastructural facilities and technological advancement

i)   It serves its customers at 600 locations in the globe.

ii) It is backed up by more than 20 years of experience throughout the world.

iii)  It has its establishments in Middle-East, South-East Asia, Africa, and USA.

iv)  It has implemented all the advanced applications of information technology in its business.

v)  It serves its customers through premium personalized services.

vi)  It is equipped with diverse service arrangement to help the supply chain requirements of the customers.

Key specialized services

  1. It can assist in giving important project logistics. The services are given for the large-scale and complex cargo.
  2. It gives events and exhibition logistics.
  3. It has tremendous capacity to carry personal cargo of any type.
  4. It has got the capacity to specialized logistics for sending artifacts and sculptural items.
  5. It can give full-fledged services in customs clearances.

How to track its services?

Although online tracking is so far not enabled, you can track by the following means;

i)  By SMS –  Log on to home page of its website using this URL and come to the bottom of the page.  Click on SEND SMS link and send an SMS to track the status of your booking.

ii) Alternatively, log on to the same page and click on “SEND INQUIRY”  to send an inquiry to get the status of your booking.

iii) Or you can directly get in touch with the UK department using this link here.