GMS Express Courier Tracking Online

You would certainly appreciate GMS courier for its efficient courier service. I have personally trusted this as my courier because of its highly organized and streamlined services. You could absolutely rely on its scientific way of functioning of making deliveries across India and abroad. Throughout my interaction with this service provider, I have found out that it is really sincere with its work. Making use of cutting-edge technology to make deliveries in time, it does lay highest emphasis on speed and time. As a result, it has thousands of satisfied customers in its clientele.

GMS Express Courier Company

Let me tell you the advantages of taking the services of GMS Express Courier services.

Most economical services – Literally speaking I made a comparative statement of prices and terms and conditions from courier services offered by all the service providers.  Only through a complete analysis, I came to know that GMS Express courier is the best and most economical.

Deliveries at important locations – I would say, although services for delivery at all the locations are necessary, but the vital thing is the services are essential at the important strategic places. Especially, the time-sensitive deliveries get “high-priority”   handling from this service provider. For time-bound deliveries of important documents and small parcels, it gives hundred percent guaranteed deliveries.

Money back guarantee deliveries – I appreciated a lot, when I booked the courier service through the “GMS GOLD” scheme. It assured me in writing that it would make complete refund of what it has taken as its fee, if the deliveries fail to reach the destination in time.

Exchange of digital data with its customers – It makes use of advanced technology for tracking and it ensures that you get the latest updates about the status of your consignment through exchange of digital data with the customers.

Let’s talk about its services for domestic and international places.

Domestic Courier Services

Under the category of domestic service, you get the following services;

Regular products – Under this category, you would have “express” and “economy” services. It gives guaranteed deliveries under express service within 1-2 days and delivery at different locations is certain under the “economy” service within 2-3 days.

Premium products – GMS offers a host of premium products and you need to check the website to know about these services in detail.

Value-added services – GMS Express service also has value-added services for the e-commerce sites. It gives you “cash-on-delivery (COD)” and “to-pay” services, which are valuable for your business.


International Service

They do also offer international courier services too which can be found on their official website and see the different types of international services. The services come in different categories under this and those are really broad in prospective.

Customer Care 

You could log on to contact us page and find the details of customer-care.

Contact Number – 080-2694-1250 /  080-2694-1251

Email Address –

GMS Express Courier Tracking Solution

You can check below tool and the tracking facility is available on the right side of the page. You could track multiple consignments at once as well.