Choice Logistics Company Tracking Online

Choice Logistics is an established brand in logistics and transportation across the world as its network spans across six continents in more than eighty nations.  With thousands of employees working in more than 400 locations, it has implemented ISO 9001:2008 certified process in its work environment. Moreover, its web-based transportation control tower that could give full visibility to your supply-chain, although the customers belong to different nations and time-zones. It has treated its employees as assets as they are passionate about solving the problems in logistics rather than providing simple and ordinary logistical tools. Engaging state-of-the-art tools from technology, it has worked out excellent solutions for its clients all over the world.

The Choice Logistics Company

Choice Logistics Services

Its network in third-party logistics has stayed hyper-active as the top companies from all over the world entrust it with logistics of products worth billions of dollars. Its network has standard warehouse, inventory, and top-end solutions in transportation management. Moreover, the effective and sophisticated reverse logistics solutions are marvelous as those could meet specific requirements of the clientele.

World Trade

Literally, Choice gives its clients a single window for the management of all international trade. It could do its most value-added services in activities like involve trade, compliance, consignment sending, direct sales, warranty and repair. It could facilitate and help in the fulfillment of IOR, EOR, and customs and clearance activities. All these could help immensely in promoting the activities of its parties in business.

Efficient Managed Services

When logistics pose grave challenges, Choice puts its entire means together to bring a possible solution. It stays focused on the vital logistical solution needed by the clients and this gives space to the clients to take care of other things in their business. With its managerial tools, it could manage hundreds of vendors all over the globe.


It has large warehouses all over the world, where the clients could store the consignments for any period without any damage and problem. With scientific installations and modern measures, it could take care of all the stored goods for their safety and storage.

Choice Logistics Customer Care

You can contact to the customer care of Choice Logistics by going to the Contact Us page and click on “client center/remote access” for any help from customer-care.

Phone Number : +1-800-8616900

Fax Number : +1-646-4875352


Choice Logistics Tracking

You could either go to the home page and click on “client center/remote access” to access your registered account. From there, you could get the complete details of your pending consignments. It could even give you the exact status of the consignments pending in transit.

Or just give a call to the above given number to know the tracking of Choice Logistics shipment over phone itself.