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As its foundation was laid in the year 1929 in Holland, USF Holland is one of the most outstanding companies in the nation with the recognition for serving important ‘next-day’ deliveries most efficiently. Secondly, its services are famous for recording lowest premium ratios every year.  As it started with the service network for Central United States, it expanded more in to Southwest and Midwest, where it still provides services with guaranteed on-time deliveries. As it has engaged dedicated staff, the services got the recognition by receiving ‘prestigious quest for quality award’ from the Logistics management magazine. The Company has been getting this honor right from the year 1980.

USF Holland Freight Company

USF Holland Services

Regional Less-than-truckload service –   it could give ‘next day’ and second day deliveries especially in the intra-metro areas.  Besides this, it also has the large service centers to serve the big local market areas that give you great space to move the shipments to various locations in the town.

Services for guaranteed deliveries –  Holland gives peace of mind with its services for guaranteed deliveries.  This service gives you the assurance that the consignments would get delivered exactly on-time.

Expedited –  The Company has always given award-winning expedited services with guaranteed delivery times in United States and Canada. In comparison to any other provider of services, its performances have stayed far superior.

Cross-border logistics –  It has the most popular ‘next day’  delivery services that could make deliveries on the very next day even crossing the borders.  Taking the help of next day shipping lanes to and fro from Canada, it could make deliveries in the nick of time with guarantee.

Service through specialized solutions –  It has various efficient specialized solutions. It could proficiently give specialized solutions in 3rd party logistics and excellent transportation management.  Such services could take care of deliveries in industrial, retail, and custom projects.

Truckload carriage –  It is  master in truckload and expedited delivery services. As a customer, you could register to its safe web-site and you could also check the volumes and spot quote specials and give requests for special spot quote deliveries.  You could finish a special spot quest request for truckload shipping.

USF Holland Customer Care –    It could give dedicated customer-care service by its telephone lines 866-465-5263 to take requests for pick-ups and 616-395-5000 for taking requests for tracking.  You could also click on the ‘Truck Load’ and further click on ‘email sales’ on the right side to send mails to its customer-care.

Customer Care Number

  • +1-616-395-5000
  • +1-866-465-5263

USF Holland Tracking Solution   If you send any goods using USF Holland services and wanted to check the status of goods then use the tool below and track with the help of your BOL number and PO number. You could do multiple tracking on this page. If you have a registered account, you could log on to that to track the status of your pending consignments in transit.