Wan Hai

Wan Hai container service is one of the renowned container service providers in India. Founded in the year 1965, it was only confined to doing business of log transportation to Taiwan, Japan, and South East Asia. The year 1976 saw a major shift in its business as rapid development took place in Asia Pacific area. Wan Hai Lines Shipping This gave birth to global transportation through containers. Wai Hai seized this opportunity and took giant strides in turning it into a golden opportunity in business. Head-quartered in Mumbai, it has become an example in business for others. Wan Hai- a leader in shipping business Wai Hai has gone through a magical transformation in the last 30 years. With the help of world class staff, software, and hardware excellence, it has come to be judged as a giant in container and shipping services through the world. Its major routes The shipping routes of Wan Hai container service are vastly stretched to lands like Taiwan, Kanton, Kansai areas of Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia , Singapore, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and middle East as well. How Wan Hai tracking works? You need not worry about the position of your goods in transit as the shipping giant has enabled online tracking, follow below track and trace system to check the status of Wan Hai Container at one click: