Manitoulin Transport Sergvice Tracking Online

Manitoulin transport is one of the leading transport companies in North America. With its distinguished services for timely deliveries and quicker transit activities, it is now the number one service provider in transportation. Backed up by 50 years of experience, Manitoulin has in its possession the complete know-how necessary for the services in transportation. It operates at important locations in Canada to serve its various important and prestigious clients from industry. Its clients have expressed complete satisfaction for its solutions in logistical support and with its fleet of trucks it serves every part of Canada.

Manitoulin transport Inc

Manitoulin Transport Inc Service Overview

As top-most provider of trucking services, it gives the following services for its clients through its fleet of trucks.

Less-than a truckload requirement – Even though, you have less than a truck load requirement, it extends its support to make the cargo reach its destination in perfect condition and time.

Necessity for a truck-load requirement – When you have requirement for the carriage of just a truck-load of consignment, it could innovatively help you for safe and damage-free transportation.

Trans-border transportation – It has expertise and full-fledged net-work, which is necessary for successful trans-border shifting of consignments.

Master inter-modal solutions –It has developed expert inter-modal solutions for the needs of transportation of clients from the industry.

Largest fleet of trucks – Its fleet of trucks, consisting of almost 300 number of trucks, gives finest solution of transportation in trucking and as a Company, Manitoulin keeps those in best shape by giving best maintenance.

Guaranteed services – It gives guaranteed services for timely deliveries of consignments. Suck services come with money-back guarantee if the consignment of goods does not reach in time.

Services for specialized goods – For temperature-controlled and safe transportation of perishable goods and commodities, it gives expert services. It also serves its clients with its special skill for transporting dangerous and inflammable cargo.

Latest in Freight Management – with its scientific solutions in Freight Management, it has created four types of services, such as MT Direct Tour, MT Direct registration, MT Direct security, and MT Direct benefits, which are its important features in effective freight management.

Intermodal services in rails – It has designed expert inter-modal services for transportation of goods and commodities by rails. These services are cheaper than the usual transportation services by trucks.

Online help for “shipping tools”-It gives complete information about its shipping tools on its web-page  and you could log on to this page to know in detail about tools available for shipping through its network.

Customer-care– You could log on to its web-page under contact us and contact through email or phone.

How could you track your consignment?

You could contact customer service at 1.800.265.1485 or email with your consignment number and get the latest updates about the status of your consignment in transit.