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Seven Seas Shipping Ltd came in to existence in the year 1987 as an agency for shipping in Japan. With an accumulated capital of 30 million yen initially, it began the services for transportation and logistics for the entire world. Beginning as a sole carrier for the German carrier Senator Linie Gmbh, it continued its efforts in evolving and growing beyond the limit of everyone’s expectation. Now posing as a major service provider in sea freight forwarding business, air freight forwarding business, air freight forwarding business, and other logistics business, it has expanded its network to every part of the world. Adopting the policy that ‘be aggressive on all’, it has taken giant steps to become one of the most prominent shipping agents in the world.

Seven Seas Worldwide Company

Seven Seas Shipping Services

Shipment through containerization – Offering services through containers with various makes and sizes, it could help in the lifting of different types of cargoes. Its range of services through containerized shipment could match the best in the world. The containers could carry any type of cargo and make the cargo safely reach the destinations.

Live stock shipment – Seven seas shipping could easily transport live animals. It has the trained staff to handle such animals throughout the period of shipment without giving any physical harm during transit.

Shipment of over-sized cargoes –  When it comes to shipping the extremely over-sized cargoes like cars and machinery, Seven seas offers expertise and services to transport the items with great ease. It adopts absolutely safe measures making sure that such cargoes stay absolutely safe during transit.

Services for warehousing– it has strategically located warehouses, where it keeps goods and commodities under complete protection and safety. It has installed all the equipments that would keep the stored goods safe from damages and destruction.

Shipment of perishable cargoes – To add to the above, it has highly efficient containerized services for transportation of highly perishable cargoes like food products and liquid products. Carrying those goods through temperature-controlled containers, it makes the cargoes reach their destinations safely.

Best pricing – It offers all the above services only at the exchange of very reasonable prices. The tariffs are great attractions, which have stayed competitive despite the ups and downs in the market.

Seven Seas Worldwide Customer Care –  It has dedicated a complete page of information for its customers, enabling them to get only the best in the customer care. For any queries, the customers could mail to and get customized solutions for their needs in logistics.

The clients could go to the Contact Us page and take the telephone numbers to call the customer care for their specific needs.

Seven Seas Shipping Track and Trace
The clients can use tracking option of Seven Seas Shipping with athe help of their B/L numbers.